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About Us

Smart Home Experts

YourSmartLife was established in 2020 in Melbourne, after it's founder Luke, upon researching smart home options for his own home found at one end the spectrum highly expensive providers catering for the very high end with complex wired systems where the home owner has no control post installation of their system, or the ability to add new self installed components without re-engaging / paying the provider. At the other end utter confusion at the huge range of options for self installed products many non-compatible with each other, causing information overload.


YourSmartLife provides a better value option utilising quality, proven components that operate with wireless technology with little reliance on your home WIFI network. We provide the ability for you to add to your system over time by providing compatibility with all three of Google Home, Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa. We exist to make smart home automation and security simple, and improve your life by:

1. Giving  peace of mind that you, your loved ones and property are safe

2. Helping you to save money on energy costs and reduce your environmental impact

3. Providing convenience and time saving by automating common tasks 

4. Adding a bit more fun and entertainment to you life with cool smart technology

We are here to help you every step of the way providing on-going support to help create Your Smart Life!




We will guide you every step of the way. From the initial consultation, through to the final product, we will be there.



All of our installers are licensed by Victoria Police, ensuring you and your family are kept safe. 

 (Reg 982-439-80S) 

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Every YourSmartLife review is 5 stars! We are sure to leave you satisfied. Find out why today.